MCQs and Paper Marking


One of the Important features of our services is helping you, the parents in control by empowering you, the parents.


Don't spend too much elsewhere for trying out MCQs.
There are quality and challenging MCQs and you can try again and again and know the score immediately. Depending on your membership, the numbers of MCQs vary.
What's more? We also give out a video solution and so, you can discuss the solution with your child straight away.
Remember, it is not the skill and thoroughness in a subject but the TIME MANAGEMENT is the key to success and practices more to master this skill.

Paper Marking.

We will make question papers available on a timely manner, as per your membership, for your child to download, print and answer under 'STRICT' time condition supervised by you and scan it as a pdf file and upload that back for marking. Papers include ours and others which were made freely available such as Habs, MGS etc.

Last modified: Sunday, 23 February 2020, 6:00 PM